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ALPLA Milestones

Innovations that make history

The first technical revolution: the legendary ALPLAMAT

At the end of the 1950s, new plastic materials evolve and overtax the production technology deployed at that time.  To remedy this, and without hesitation, Alwin Lehner develops his own machine, the ALPLAMAT.  A few years later, ALPLAMAT is equipped with hydraulic control, an innovation which ultimately brought the company to the cutting edge of the industry. 

The first two-step PET bottle: replacement for PVC

In the mid-1980s, the market demands a replacement for the, then controversial, packaging material PVC (polyvinyl chloride). ALPLA once again responds to this demand with the development of the first two-step PET bottle. 

The first ALPLA in-house production: efficiency directly on site

In 1985, the first ALPLA plant with in-house production is commissioned in Lomazzo, Italy. This allows ALPLA to produce bottles directly at its customer’s filling lines. Today, customers not only enjoy the ecological benefits of in-house production, but also a number of economic advantages. To name a few: elimination of transport packaging, fewer HGV journeys, reduced fuel consumption, and savings in personnel costs. 

The first two-layer bottle: an inspired trendsetter

In 1988, ALPLA receives an order from The Beiersdorf Company to develop a completely new packaging solution. Soon after, the value of entering this development becomes clear. ALPLA introduces the first prototype NIVEA two-layer bottle and triggers a real trend in the market. This leads to the establishment of the Production Development Department at ALPLA, which is renamed "Design and Development" in 1994.


The first PCR bottle: the starting shot for the recycling age

In 1990, a new catchphrase does the rounds: recycling. Again, it doesn't take long for ALPLA to lead the marketplace with the birth of the PCR bottle. The 1000 ml Lenor multilayer bottle represents nothing less than the prototype for an entirely new product type. The bottle is produced using recycled material and three layers. 

The first takeover of a recycling enterprise: PET future market

To expand its competencies in the area of recycling, in 2011 ALPLA acquires a majority stake in PET Recycling Team GmbH (PRT) in Lower Austria. Following a joint venture with Coca Cola in the acquisition of a Mexican recycling company several years prior, this is ALPLA's first commitment in Europe. In this way, ALPLA is well poised to face the competition in a fast growing PET recycling market.