The innovative reusable PET bottle

ALPLA has further developed a 1-litre reusable PET bottle together with KHS, the specialist for bottling and packaging systems. The refillable bottle weighs up to ten grams less than the standard bottles that are currently available and can include recycled materials too.

The new returnable PET bottle is much lighter than its predecessors.

Less weight means:

less transport costs

less CO2

less material consumption

less energy

A slight cause with great effects. Because the low weight and the reduced material usage come into play in every phase of the bottle's life. And then it starts all over again.


Our new PET returnable bottle is a lightweight. Although it is only 10 grams lighter than its predecessors, the difference becomes tangible when large quantities are produced: When producing 100,000 bottles, over a ton of material is saved compared to its predecessor.


The lightness of being takes on a whole new meaning with our reusable PET bottle: it is 10 grams lighter than its predecessors - and that has serious consequences. When producing 100,000 bottles, the new returnable bottle saves more than a ton of weight compared to comparable products on the market.



We recommend you talk to our ALPLA experts to determine whether a reusable or a single-use solution is more suitable for your project.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Even if the bottle is sorted out at the end of its life, it can be recycled and the recycled material can be reused to make new PET bottles.
All in all, this innovative 1-litre reusable PET bottle takes into account the three principles "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" of the waste hierarchy.