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Sustainability Statement

ALPLA Sustainability integrates social, environmental, ethical and human rights concerns into the business operation and core strategy.

ALPLA´s holistic sustainable vision is to use human and natural resources in an efficient and sustainable way.

  • The ultimate goal is a resource efficient production without losses of water and material, with the help of renewable energy and using sustainable and recycled materials in a friendly work environment.

We see our mission in daily business as:

  • A positive challenge for innovation;
  • No „burden“ but opportunity to grow business;
  • An essential part of our corporate culture;
  • A great chance for differentiation;
  • Create a positive work environment for our employees;
  • Keeping our customers in the lead by developing green technologies;
  • A top management commitment - sustainability is incorporated in ALPLA´s Strategy.

Our Focus Points:

  • Discrimination, sexual harassment, child and forced labor is not accepted under any circumstances and is to be fully prevented.
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Carbon Footprint – Reduction Carbon Emissions (Energy & Material reduction, Car Policy etc.)
  • Reducing Waste and losses of Water
  • Pass on the Sustainable thought - focusing on responsible and ethical standards by material purchase
  • Increase Inhouse Operations - reduce emissions through transport and packaging material
  • Marine Littering - Closing the Plastic Production loop by increasing recycling activities

We comply with the international environmental and energy management standards (ISO 14001 & 50001), the international Labour Standard ETI Basecode as well as the OHSAS 18001 and follow the statutory regulations. Further information can be found in our policies (

We are AB Member at SEDEX and have several plants SMETA valided. Our Carbon performance get annually reported at CDP.

Günther Lehner