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The CO2 footprint indicates the amount of greenhouse gases released by an activity, product or action. Our ALPLA CO2 Comparison Tool enables a quick comparison of a specific amount of CO2 with a wide range of products and activities. It shows that plastic packaging has a very small impact on each individual’s carbon footprint.

1 average European produces 8.100 kg CO₂/year

1 average American produces 14.400 kg CO₂/year

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This equates to:

1 l PET bottles (produced in Germany)

1 l reusable PET water bottles (produced in Germany)

250 ml HDPE bottles (produced in Germany)

500 ml aluminium cans for soft drinks (produced in Germany)

1 l reusable glass bottles (produced in Germany)

caps for PET bottles (produced in Germany)

trees with their annual CO₂ sequestration

times the CO₂ emissions of the average European citizen

times the annual CO₂ emissions of the average car

single Economy flights between Zurich and London

hamburgers with fries

portions of spaghetti with tomato sauce

Google searches

manufactured smartphones

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