Reusable PET bottle

ALPLA has developed a one-litre reusable PET bottle together with KHS, the specialist for bottling and packaging systems. The refillable bottle weighs up to ten grams less than the standard bottles that are currently available and can be made of recycled materials, too.

Technology: Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM), Injection Moulding (IM)

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Tethered Caps

Tethered caps – caps that remain firmly attached to the bottle once it is opened and during use – will become part of daily life for consumers in the EU by 2024.

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM)

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In April 2019, ALPLA and BillerudKorsnäs, the leading Swedish provider of paper packaging materials and solutions, announced that they were starting a joint venture for the development of a paper bottle. This joint venture is now an established company by the name of Paboco (Paper Bottle Company).

Technology: Pulp moulding

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coffee capsule

Coffee capsules (compostable at home)

In cooperation with Golden Compound, ALPLA is bringing a world first onto the market: a biodegradable coffee capsule that consumers can dispose of in their home compost. Made from organically based material with sunflower seed shells, the capsule and filter fleece are completely biodegradable in the garden compost within a maximum of six months, and are free from aluminium and genetically modified organisms.

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM) 

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rauch carafe

Rauch carafe

ALPLA developed this exclusive carafe for directly pressed juices from Rauch. The unique design of the bottle and closure is strikingly different from standard drinks bottles and highlights the high quality standards of the product.

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM)

vöslauer closer with pocket ring

Vöslauer closure with pocket ring

The pocket ring can be folded up from the screw cap on 0.5-litre Vöslauer mineral water bottles. This enables the bottle to be carried conveniently and practically like an accessory.

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM)



extrustion blow moulding injection moulding trident chewing gum

Trident Chewing Gum

Unique packaging solution provides a premium look, completed with an easy to use flip-cap.

Technology: Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM), Injection Moulding (IM)

Milk and dairy products

100% rPET NÖM Milk Bottle

ALPLA and NÖM setting new benchmarks in environmentally friendly packaging for milk products.

While its competitors have opted for glass, the company NÖM has intentionally set its sights on plastic as its packaging material. The new NÖM milk bottle is made entirely of recycled PET (rPET) and is fully recyclable.

Technology: Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM)

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Ultralight EBM bottle with handle. The special ALPLA design enables this cost-effective packaging solution with a reduced carbon footprint, ideal for milk.

Technology: Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

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Beauty care


This PET packaging solution for aerosols combines benefits for consumers and for the environment. It is suitable for a variety of applications, from deodorants to sunscreens and even room fragrances.

Technology: Injection Stretch Blow Moulding ISBM

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extrusion blow moulding foaming beauty care


EBM bottle with three layers, where the middle layer is foamed based on a special procedure (foam technology). Material consumption and weight are thus reduced by around 15 per cent, with the same functionality and recyclability. The process is a purely physical one and does not require any chemical additives.

This innovation has won multiple awards. In November 2014, ALPLA won the special prize from ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria AG) as part of the Austrian ‘Smart Packaging’ state prize. In 2015, ALPLA received the PackTheFuture award in the environmental design category, and then at the beginning of 2016, it received the prestigious WorldStar award in the Health and Beauty category from the World Packaging Organisation.

Technology: Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM) with special blowing equipment and gas injection system from MuCell


injection moulding emami mentho plus balm beauty care

Emami Mentho Plus Balm/India

Emami Mentho Plus balm is a complete and quick solution for headaches. Coolants in the balm have a soothing effect which provides instant relief from all types of headaches.

The packaging consists of a Mono Injection base and a Bi - Injection top which is manufactured using Cube Technology, with an advantage of low cycle time. The Bi - Injection top plays a major role in preventing counterfeits in the market.

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM)

Home care


With NOW, ALPLA is presenting an ideal packaging solution for concentrated cleaning chemicals. Alongside the numerous environmental benefits, it also offers special added value: it is safe, easy and fun for consumers to use.

Technology: Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

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Simple One

The Simple One

The idea behind The Simple One bag was to reduce the material as much as possible, while still having an attractive and functional packaging solution. With the reduction of material and careful selection of recyclable material, the bag underlines ALPLA’s efforts for a sustainable, environmentally conscious use of resources, thus decreasing the strain on the environment.

Technology: Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

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extrusion blow moulding two chamber bottle home care

Two-chamber bottle

Convenient bottle with two individual chambers to mix two liquids together during use. No assembly is required during production, as the bottle is produced in a single process.

Technology: Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

extrusion blow moulding pour dose home care

Pour dose

In the case of detergents and household cleaning products, it is important to ensure correct measurements – for optimal results with highly efficient use of the product. ALPLA developed a flip-flop closure with integrated measurement (25–180 ml). The flip-top closure is more convenient than a screw cap and also offers additional benefits to consumers thanks to its dosing unit.

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM), Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

extrusion blow moulding clorox bottle home care


In cooperation with the Clorox Company, based in the USA, ALPLA developed ‘Smart Tube’ technology for optimal residual emptying of spray bottles. The spray nozzle cannot be moved, while the standing tube at the front reaches to the base of the bottle. This enables every last drop of the cleaning product to be used up without the need to shake or screw the bottle. The innovation received the DuPont Award in Gold in 2013.

Technology: Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

injection stretch blow moulding angled neck home care

Angled Neck

Convenient bottle with an angled neck allows precise application in difficult-to-reach areas. Can be used for toilet cleaners, for example.

Technology: Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM)

Oil and lubricants

extrusion blow moulding shell bottle oil and lubricants

Shell/Exxon – 1 litre, 1.5 litres

Durable bottle created with the EBM process. We produce containers with up to three-layers, often with a visi strip for convenient and precise usage meeting the different packaging requirements of the liquids perfectly.

Technology: Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

Pharmaceutical products

injection moulding tamper evident closures pharmaceutical

Tamper-evident closures

These closures with tamper-proof protection highlight any tampering to the original packaging, thus preventing any counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products.

Sizes: 22 mm, 28 mm

Ring in all colours, various colour combinations (closure/ring) and logo imprint available on request from the customer

Seal: EPE, PVDC, induction sealing

Accessories: measuring cup of up to 20 ml, dropper, measuring spoon

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM)

pipette closure pharmaceutical

Pipette closure

Closure with pipette for measuring liquids such as pharmaceutical products or herbal tinctures.

Closure size: 18 mm, 22 mm, 28 mm

Pipette lengths: 68 mm, 63 mm, 59 mm, 52 mm, 53.5 mm

Accessories: sealing ring, sleeve for pipette

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM)

injection moulding measuring cups and measuring spoons pharmaceuticals

Measuring cups and measuring spoons

Measuring aids as a cup or spoon in various sizes and styles. The measuring cups are compatible with our original closures and childproof closures.

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM)

injection moulding eye dropper pharmaceuticals

Eye dropper

Bottles with dropper attachments and closure for measuring eye drops or other liquids.

Contents: 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml

Technology: Injection Moulding (IM)

Other Products


The Compaintion combines the best of both worlds: paint bucket and paint tray. This makes it the perfect companion for smaller painting and repair jobs. With its high quality, modern design and many features, the Compaintion takes painting to another level.

Technology: Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

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