Central & Eastern Europe

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Central and Eastern Europe

Regional Overview

ALPLA has started its expansion in Eastern Europe in the early 1990s. However, the production plant in Steinabrückl (Eastern Austria) was the second production plant opened in ALPLA´s history. Today ALPLA CEE consists of 17 base plants, 6 in-house plants as well as 2 PET recycling plants in the region. We are present in 8 countries and speak 9 languages. We are a family of almost 2000 employees, which makes us the third biggest division in the ALPLA family.

Recycling makes us proud

There are 2 PET recycling plants (out of 4 worldwide) in the CEE region: the PET Recycling Team (PRT) in Wöllersdorf (Austria) – founded in 2005 – and PRT Radomsko (Poland) – founded in 2012. Both PRTs have the capacity for up to 42,000 tons of recycled PET (rPET) and 42,000 tons of PET flakes and convert post-consumer PET bottles into high-quality food-grade materials.

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