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The ALPLA Success Story

From the laundry to the world market

It is the year 1955 and Alwin and Helmuth Lehner establish the company in Hard, Austria. The first production site is their father's laundry. Their start-up capital comprises courage, diligence, an inexpensively produced injection moulding machine, as well as technical creativity and intelligence, which remains unrivalled to this day. And so the ALPLA success story begins...  

1955 Foundation of "Alpenplastik Lehner Alwin GmbH" (Hard, Austria)
1956 Transition from pure injection moulding to modern blow moulding technology
1964 First ALPLA branch outside Austria (Markdorf, Germany)
1968 First ALPLA plant in Latin America (San Joaquín, Venezuela)
1975 A total of 6 ALPLA branches in 3 countries with approximately 1,200 employees
1985 First ALPLA plant with in-house production (Lomazzo, Italy)
1988 Inauguration of the ALPLA Global Technical Center (Hard, Austria)
1990 Expansion into Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia)
1995 29 branches in 15 countries with around 3,000 employees
1995 ISO Certification
2001 First ALPLA plant in the USA (Atlanta, Georgia)
2001 First ALPLA plant in Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)
2007 Opening of the 100th ALPLA plant (Tianjin, China)
2011 Acquisition of the majority stake in PET Recycling Team GmbH (PRT) of Austria
2012 148 production plants in 39 countries with about 13,000 employees