Design for Recycling

7-8 June 2022, Hotel PORTO Radomsko


"Plastics processing is one of the most important branches of the Polish industry. The demand for plastics resulted in an increase of its production by over 80% in the last 8 years in the entire sector. The growing usage of plastics is an ecological challenge for producers and consumers, forcing development in the field of recycling and changes in regulations. Our conference will be a summary of forthcoming changes in legislation and an answer to a number of questions related to the design of packaging using recycled material."

Mariusz Musiał, Country Manager of ALPLA Poland

Conference agenda


The panel is addressed to key decision-makers: Presidents and Owners of Companies and managers in the areas of finance, purchasing, sales, quality and environmental control - as well as for people responsible for communication with the market and final consumers: managing the areas of marketing, Public Relations and people related to sales and purchases.


Compendium on:

• challenges faced by producers using plastic packaging in connection with the EU Directive on single-use plastic products - Single Use Plastic (SUP),

• key changes in Polish regulations that await producers placing packaging on the market in connection with the new Extended Producer Responsibility and a comparison of the current situation in Poland and Europe,

• sustainable packaging development according to the 4RE principle: reduce, reuse, recycle, replace,

• information on the safety of recycled materials and future availability,

• planned activities to meet the separate collection level assumed in 2025 and 2029,

• communication regarding recycled materials in packaging and their safety,

• providing information on the assessment of the environmental impact of various types of packaging materials based on their Life Cycle Assessment.


The panel is a compendium of knowledge for technologists, specialists in research

and development and managers of operational, quality and purchasing divisions.

Key information for people involved in packaging design.

The panel will be divided into two parts: rPET packaging and rHDPE packaging.


Our experts:

• will present the most important differences in the comparison of recycled materials with „virgin” materials,

• explain what to expect when using packaging with the addition of recycled material and whether it will be possible to maintain the performance parameters when manufacturing with packaging containing recycled materials

• will show how to analyse the current packaging portfolio in terms of the use of regranulate, indicating the shapes and construction of packaging that are recycling-friendly, with raw materials containing low or high PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) additives.

• show specific examples of how to effectively design for recycling and with the use of recycled materials (from recycling)


We also invite our guests to visit the PRT Radomsko plant (PET Recycling Team Radomsko)

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