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Balkan Adria

ALPLA has been present in the Balkan region since 1997, when the first plant in Croatia was established, followed in 2004 by a second plant in Mladenovac, Serbia. To increase its presence in the area, Gastro PET was acquired, a leading PET preform producer in Slovenia in mid-2011 and opened the first in-house operation in the region at Rauch Serbia in 2015. ALPLA is the leading plastic packaging producer in the region, with 100 employees, producing 1,3 billion preforms annually.

ALPLA offers a wide range of different preforms in the Balkan region as well as caps and any other specific solutions from the product range of the ALPLA network. The majority of packaging products are produced for the beverage industry as well as food, home care, beauty care and special applications, such as oil & lubricants for the automotive industry. In future ALPLA will expand its technologies portfolio, offering off-the-shelf bottles in the Balkan area, as well.

Actively following the long-term strategic objectives, ALPLA is very successful in promoting the use of sustainable materials in this area. Since 2011 many of the popular local and regional brands are available in up to 50% recycled material content, a trend that will become ever more important in the future.










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