UN certified products

ALPLA GREECE is producing plastic containers, closures and dosing devices for the Crop Protection & Chemicals industry. We follow high quality standards (ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015) and ensure the safety and functionality of our packaging materials. At ALPLA Greece we also offer UN certified packaging. Our standalone packaging solutions meet the requirements of the International carriage of dangerous goods by Road (ADR).

UN certified products

Agrochem PET 45VTE, 1L - S

Agrochem 50VTE, 1L HDPE / COEX

Agrochem 63, 1L HDPE / COEX

Agrochem Canister, 5L-LW HDPE / COEX

Canister DIN55, 10L HDPE

Canister DIN45, 10L HDPE

Agrochem Canister, 4L HDPE

Agrochem 50, 1L HDPE / COEX

Agrochem 50, 750ML COEX