Canupak – carbon-optimised packaging reduces CO2 emissions by around 71 per cent

With the innovative Canupak beauty care packaging, ALPLA is creating a carbon-optimised sample solution as a showcase for future products. The ultra-lightweight packaging system with a bottle made from 100% recycled HDPE (rHDPE), manufactured with 100% renewable energy, was implemented in accordance with the Design for Recycling guidelines and underscores the company’s global sustainability strategy. ALPLA thus offers its customers further potential to reduce emissions as well as know-how for future developments.

Main Advantages

Reduced CO2 emissions

100% rHDPE bottle

fully recyclable

Showcase, carbon-optimised through:

  • Very low weight
  • 100% rHDPE bottle
  • rHDPE, produced with renewable energy
  • Manufactured in a CO2-neutral production facility
  • Designed for recycling – fully recyclable

Split "Product Carbon Footprint"

*valid for: Production, Sale and Disposal of EBM bottles and IM Caps in Europe