CDC - Controlled Dosing Cap

CDC controlled dosing cap for ketchup

Controlled Dosing Cap - No valve, no problem

The Controlled Dosing Cap (CDC) is a silicone-free, 2-part closure made entirely of PP. It enables simple, controlled dosing and emptying of highly viscous liquids without the need for a valve. The CDC has the same functional properties as a closure with a silicone membrane or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Still, since it is made from one material, it is fit for recycling without contaminating the recycling stream.

CDC controlled dosing cap for ketchup


  • No valve or silicone membrane, therefore no contamination in the recycling process
  • Made from one material
  • 100% recyclable
  • ALPLA standard closure in line with market requirements
  • Controlled emptying

Main advantages

Reduced CO2 emissions

100% recyclable

Compatible with standard bottles

CDC controlled dosing cap for ketchup