Compaintion – the paint bucket and paint tray reinvented

The Compaintion by ALPLA is a combination of paint bucket and paint tray. Whereas paint trays are often unwieldy, and paint is easily spilled, the Compaintion with its high sides offers maximum safety. Even a shaky hand does not automatically result in spilled paint. Thus, wastage is now a thing of the past. Nevertheless, the Compaintion has all the advantages of a paint tray. The internal roll-off field ensures that the paint is not applied too thickly.

This innovation combines the best of both worlds: paint bucket and paint tray. This makes it the perfect companion for smaller painting and repair jobs.


Durable design:

Durable and high-quality construction meets modern design! The Compaintion’s top quality allows for long-term use. Thanks to the integrated roll-off field on the inside of the Compaintion, spreading the paint smoothly onto the roller is a breeze. This makes painting fun!

Practical size:

The high sides of the paint bucket make accidental spillages a thing of the past compared to ordinary paint trays. The marking on the inside indicates the ideal filling volume of 1,000 ml. Whether you’re painting the playroom, kitchen or any other wall, the practical size means you are always in good hands!

Ergonomic handle:

The Compaintion fits securely and comfortably in your hand. With its integrated ergonomic handle, the bucket is easy to lift and exerts minimal hand strain. Furthermore, there is a carrying and holding strap for versatile use depending on the individual application.

Magnetic brush holder:

Another advantage is the integrated magnetic brush holder for easy draining of the brush on the inside of the bucket. The additional built-in space to hold the roller in the handle area is another benefit of the Compaintion!


High quality, modern design and many integrated features. The Compaintion has several advantages compared to ordinary paint buckets. Its durability and practicality make the Compaintion the perfect companion when painting.


On request, we can produce the Compaintion with up to 100% post-consumer recycled material.

convenient and safe

Integrated features such as a magnetic brush holder and an ergonomic handle ensure convenient and safe handling.

simple but versatile

The markings inside make it easy to measure the filling volume. Additionally, there are no limits regarding the application areas of the Compaintion.

Technical Specifications

  • Material


  • Weight

    Approx. 180 g

  • Dimensions

    Width: 254.7 mm
    Height: 212.7 mm
    Depth: 129.6 mm