Refill system for concentrates

NOW has been developed to enable the easy refilling of cleaning detergents and other liquids that can be concentrated. Thanks to the unique system, end consumers can be sure not to come into contact with any highly concentrated detergents or powders.

  • Save up to 80% plastic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Bottle can be made of 100% rHDPE
  • Compact: simplifies logistics and e-commerce


Material saving

100% recyclable

Simplifies logistics and e-commerce

Our NOW system consists of a spike and a lightweight concentrate container.

  • The spike is compatible with commonly used neck types. Once inserted into the bottle’s neck, it can be kept there for future use.
  • The minimalistic concentrate container has a primed lid that can effortlessly be opened in the trigger bottle’s neck using the spike.

Trigger pumps are rather elaborately designed and demanding in construction. Due to material mixes, their recyclability is very limited. They could – and should – be used for a longer consumption period than the typical 500 ml to 1 l contents of a cleaning agent bottle.

With NOW we offer a sophisticated refill solution that enables you to meet your sustainability goals in terms of material reduction, use of recycled content and recyclability.