Rebel bottle

Elevate Your Branding with Rebel Technology

Our Rebel technology is the perfect solution for businesses looking to enhance the surface design of their EBM bottles. With its premium decoration and unique surface structure, Rebel offers a one-of-a-kind branding opportunity that is sure to impress. Plus, its added security benefits make it a versatile choice for businesses of all types. Try Rebel and see the difference it can make for your product packaging.

Rebell bottle 16x9 format

Multiple advantages

  • Precise surface design through extrusion blow moulding
  • Reduced production processes with in-mould decoration
  • Forgery protection and enhancement for your brand and product
  • Customizable printing options available
  • Eye-catching and distinctive shelf appearance

Main Advantages

Forgery Protection

Several Design possibilities

Reduced production process

Explore the Remarkable Features of Rebel

Gloss and structure

Rebel technology combines glossy surfaces with matt structures, patterns or grains to create a visually stunning effect on EBM bottles. The fine and sharp structures on the surface also create a play of light and colours. Rebel's precise control of both Gloss and Structure makes it a versatile solution for businesses looking to elevate their product packaging and create a distinctive shelf appearance that will attract customers.

Play of light

The bottle is designed with an optical identification, utilizing light interference for captivating visual effects. Interference of light is a phenomenon where multiple light waves interact with one another. Its eye-catching features attract maximum customer attention and serve as a simple identifier for consumers. With unique design elements and reflective finishes. It incorporates consistent branding for easy market identification.

Security solution

With Rebel's unique, forgery-proof mark or labeling, businesses can provide individual product protection to prevent counterfeiting and protect the integrity of their product. This security feature helps ensure the authenticity of the product and instills trust in consumers that they are purchasing a genuine and safe item. This added level of security makes Rebel a versatile choice for businesses of all types, providing peace of mind and protection against fraudulent activity.


With the ability to imprint additional product information or branding logos onto the surface of the bottle, Rebel provides businesses with a customizable solution to showcase their unique brand identity and differentiate their products from competitors. This feature allows for precise control of the printing process, ensuring that the branding and product information are accurately represented on the bottle's surface. The added level of customization and branding opportunity makes Rebel a versatile choice for businesses looking to elevate their product packaging and increase brand recognition.


Rebel's glossy surfaces, matt structures, and customizable printing options combine to create a visually stunning appearance at the point of sale. This unique and eye-catching design enhances the shelf impression, making the bottle stand out from competitors and attracting potential customers. With Rebel's premium decoration and unique surface structure, businesses can create a one-of-a-kind branding opportunity that is sure to impress. Try Rebel today and elevate your product packaging to the next level.

SafePha Bottle with Rebel Technology square format

SafePha: Pharmaceutical Packaging with Rebel Technology

Introducing SafePha, a revolutionary anti-counterfeit pharmaceutical packaging solution powered by Rebel Technology. SafePha takes your pharmaceutical products to the next level, combining the innovation of Rebel with cutting-edge security and aesthetics.

Key Benefits of SafePha:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: SafePha incorporates holographic elements to enhance visual appeal and deter counterfeiters.
  • Enhanced Security: Each SafePha package has a unique QR-code for robust product authentication.
  • Patient Engagement: SafePha facilitates digital patient communication, fostering trust and brand loyalty.
  • Cost-Effective: SafePha offers scalability without added costs.

Prestigious Award for Our Rebel-Technology