Champagnerflasche mit wiederverwendbarem Korken und rotem Deckel


We present the premium-quality plastic champagne cork. Designed to make sure that the integrity of your champagne remains intact. As part of the respected ALPLA line, known for its top-quality products, this two-piece stopper made of plastic is ideal for sealing glass bottles. It is essential for preserving the freshness and flavour of your exquisite beverages, without distorting their taste. And it is not only for single use, but reusable for storing sparkling wine, wine and cider bottles for a short period of time.

Alpla’s plastic champagne cork is sustainable, recyclable and easy to use.


reusable plastic champagne cork with coloured cap

With ALPLA’s commitment to quality, innovation, and accuracy, our champagne cork offers a blend of efficiency and style. The two-piece design enables a customised product with different colours for the cap. Its weight has also been optimised. The production process has been streamlined, significantly reducing time and cost.

Whether you are a distributor, retailer, or an end- user in the sparkling-wine industry, this ALPLA product supports the wine experience. By making both eco-friendly and delightful celebrations. Cheers to a greener future!


Advantages compared to other champagne bottle stoppers.

Sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly

Less time-consuming and cost-intensive production

Weight-optimised, practical and reusable

No risk of taste distortion or leaking

Details and specifications of the champagne cork

Champagne bottle with a reusable cork

Market: Beverages, specifically alcoholic beverages
Segment: Tailored for wine, particularly champagne
Regulatory compliance: Conforms to EU Reg. 10/2011 standards, ensuring suitability for glass champagne bottles
Total height: 42.2 mm 
Maximum stopper diameter (inside bottle): 19.8 mm 
Maximum stopper diameter (cap): 32.7 mm 
Stopper height (inside bottle): 24.2 mm 
Stopper height (cap): 18 mm 
Knurl design: Detailed with 20 ridges at a radius of 32.87, providing an enhanced grip

Reusable Champagne Stopper with a red Cap

Material Composition

Stopper: LDPE – Lupolen 3026H 
Cap: HDPE – Hostalen ACP 5331H 
Tamper-evidence: Not available
Weight: Lightweight at 6.20 g

Reusable Champagne Cork white and red cap of stopper

Packaging and Presentation

Packaging unit: Sturdily packed in an octabin (size 2 m), ensuring safe transportation and storage on a standard EUR-pallet
Sealing technique: Employs compression sealing to guarantee airtight closure
Colour options: Available in vibrant red and classic white
Decoration: Minimalist design without any added decoration, emphasising its understated elegance

Partnering with customer Rotkäppchen-Mumm

Reusable Champagne Stopper and Caps in white and red

In their pursuit of sustainability, Rotkäppchen-Mumm, a leading player in the sparkling wine and spirits industry, focused on developing eco-friendly corks for their sparkling wine products. Partnering with ALPLA in 2020, the company aimed to create a stopper capable of withstanding intense internal pressure of 10 bar. The production of these environmentally conscious corks has rapidly scaled up to an annual output of 70 million units. ‘Developing a cap independently of a bottle was new territory for us,’ remembers Project Manager David Martin.

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