Simple One

Lightweight refill solution

Simple One is a minimalist, simplified refill solution made entirely of HDPE.
With the resulting reduction in material and product complexity, Simple One is superior with regard to sustainability and cost-competitive when compared to classical pouches.

Multiple advantages

  • Monomaterial
  • Can be made of 100% recycled material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Optimal carbon footprint reduction
  • As light as a pouch
  • Rigid, exclusive shelf appearance

Product variants

  • Minimalist one-to-one or multi-refill model
  • Tethered nozzle or reclosable screw cap

Additional services

  • On request, we also take over the filling of our customers.
  • Order of small batches starting from 5,000 pieces is possible.
  • Decoration service is available.

The services we provide offer customers the ability to be more flexible and efficient in bringing their products to market, making their business more competitive.


Reduced CO2 emissions

Design for Recycling

As light as a pouch


What our customers say

The beauty expert and natural cosmetics manufacturer Susanne Kaufmann is guided by a profound respect for the environment. Her premium brand is the first to utilise the lightweight innovation Simple One.

Why did you choose a plastic refill packaging solution?

One of the main goals of our new refill packaging is to considerably reduce the amount of packaging required, while continuously providing an attractive and functional solution. The SUSANNE KAUFMANN refills are made of 75% post-consumer material (rHDPE) and are up to 60% lighter than standard HDPE bottles. The refills will extend the life cycle of our iconic glass bottles and assist our customers in making more sustainable choices while supporting our own sustainability journey. Read the full interview.

Photo credit: Aimee Shirley Fotografie

Our 100% recyclable refill solution was conceived in order to make a sustainable and environmentally aware use of resources possible, thus decreasing the strain on the environment. Regardless of the industry or application, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Contact us for more information about this and other innovative packaging solutions.