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Our preforms can be used in the beverage (water and carbonated), home care, beauty, personal care and food (edible oils and dairy) market segments.

We currently produce more than 66 weights and eight types of neck or finish. And to achieve an optimal blowing process in the equipment our clients own, we offer technical support and advice on-site.

Available preforms


PCO-1873, 13.5 g, A943-1

PCO-1873, 15.5 g, A943-1

PCO-1873, 17 g, A00-1

PCO-1873, 17.75 g, A877-1

38mm - Cold fill, 18 g, A778-1

29/21, 18 g, A507-1

PCO-1873, 20.5 g, A00-2

PCO-1816, 22 g, A32-6

PCO-1873, 23.5 g, A533-1

38mm - Hot fill, 25.3 g, A665-1

PCO-1873, 26.5 g, A533-1

PCO-1816, 28 g, A32-6

PCO-1816, 32 g, A33-2

PCO-1816, 35 g, A33-5

PCO-1873, 38 g, A956-2

PCO-1873, 42.5 g, A529-2

PCO-1873, 50.5 g, A530-1

PCO-1816, 52 g, A35-1

PCO-1873, 54.5 g, A957-2

48mm, 80 g, A220-1

48mm, 94 g, A545-1

48mm, 118 g, A561-2

48mm, 125 g, A561-1

48mm, 142 g, A561-1

Available Preforms

Central America

PCO-1881, 15.6 g, A971-3

PCO-1881, 17.6 g, A971-3

PCO-1816, 19 g, A396-7

PCO-1881, 20.55 g, A971-3

PCO-1816, 22 g, A396-7

PCO-1881, 26.6 g, AD25-1

PCO-1881, 29.6 g, AD25-1

PCO-1881, 31.7 g, A780-1

PCO-1881, 38.2 g, A780-1

PCO-1881, 38.3 g, AD26-1

PCO-1816, 39.5 g, A339-4

PCO-1881, 42.6 g, A847-5

PCO-1816, 44 g, A216-3

PCO-1881, 50.6 g, AD27-1

PCO-1816, 52 g, A35-8

PCO-1881, 52.6 g, A575-3

PCO-1881, 54.6 g, AD19-1

PCO-1816, 56 g, A35-8

PCO-1816 Ref pet, 93 g, A-E47-1

PCO-1816 Ref pet, 107 g, A577-1

PCO-1816 Ref pet, 126.5 g, DPCR-1