Reusable PET bottles

Durable, yet lightweight packaging solutions for beverages

Bottles for industrial refilling have to withstand a lot: they are transported long distances and are repeatedly cleaned using quite harsh methods. Our reusable PET bottles meet these challenges thanks to an adapted material composition and their strong build.

To simplify the transition from single-use solutions to reusable variants for our customers, we have designed standard variants in various designs and sizes. They ...

  • ... incorporate rPET.
  • ... are weight-optimised
  • ... can withstand a minimum of 15 cycles.
  • ... are suitable for carbonated soft drinks and mineral water.

Main Advantages

Up to 100% rPET possible


Suitable for carbonated soft drinks and mineral water

Besides offering standard solutions, we are also happy to tailor the design and characteristics of our reusable PET bottles to customer needs. Here are three examples of our marketed reusable PET solutions:

Customer: an Austrian mineral water brand

Customer: GDB

Customer: Coca-Cola

  • 0.5 l, 2 l and 2.5 l reusable PET bottles, marketed in Costa Rica, Mexico and South Africa
  • Minimum lifetime: 25 cycles

We provide complete packaging systems, including suitable caps and bottles made of rPET.

Reduce your carbon footprint

In many countries, there is a trend towards reusability. Although solutions designed for industrial refill characteristically have more weight than single-use variants, in a well-managed system, their environmental footprint is smaller.

Especially in reusable packaging, every gram counts towards the CO2 impact; therefore our reusable PET solutions significantly outperform their counterparts made of glass. Our PET bottles for industrial refill are designed to balance the weight and stability criteria as well as the percentage of recycled content and durability in the best way possible.