Reusable PET bottles

Woman drinking from a reusable PET bottle

Durable and lightweight refillable bottles for sustainable packaging

When it comes to packaging solutions for beverages, durability and sustainability are key. Industrial refillable bottles face rigorous challenges, including long-distance transportation and repeated exposure to harsh cleaning methods. At ALPLA, we have developed a groundbreaking solution with our refillable and reusable PET bottles, which overcome these challenges thanks to their specialised material composition and robust construction. They can be refilled and reused up to 25 times.

Seamless transition to reusable plastic

Reusable lightweight PET bottles for beverages solutions in various sizes

We know how important it is for our clients to make the transition from single-use options to returnable plastic (deposit) bottle alternatives. That’s why we’ve created standard reusable PET bottle variants, available in an array of designs and sizes, as well as customer-specific solutions. These plastic bottles are designed to excel in various aspects:

  • Incorporating rPET (recycled quality polyethylene terephthalate)
  • Achieving optimal weight reduction
  • Sustaining a minimum of 15 reuse cycles
  • Being perfectly suited for carbonated soft drinks and mineral water

Key advantages of our wholesale reusable PET bottles

Our reusable PET bottles offer a range of significant benefits that set them apart from other products on the market.

Potential for up to 100% rPET

our plastic bottles can utilise up to 100% recycled PET material, promoting and supporting the cause of eco-friendliness.

Weight-optimised design

careful weight optimisation ensures efficiency without compromising on strength.


designed to accommodate carbonated soft drinks and mineral water and to withstand multiple uses and washes.

ALPLA reusable PET bottle series: three variants

Our innovative reusable PET bottle series is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the beverage industry.

Reusable PET bottles in different fill volumes for soft drinks and mineral water

Variant I: Perfect for carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and mineral water

This bottle is tailor-made for CSD and mineral water, ensuring a refreshing and eco-friendly drinking experience. Choose from our extensive range of sizes to suit your needs: 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1,000 ml, and 1,500 ml.

Reusable standard PET bottle for soft drinks and mineral water

Variant II: Ideal for larger quantities of carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and mineral water

For those who prefer larger quantities without compromising on sustainability, variant II is the best choice. Designed specifically for CSD and mineral water, this 1,000 ml reusable PET bottle ensures you can enjoy your favourite beverages responsibly.

Reusable PET bottle for milk and sensitive beverages

Variant III: The pinnacle of sustainability for milk and sensitive beverages

Dive into a new era of sustainability with variant III – the reusable PET bottle designed exclusively for milk and sensitive beverages. This 1,000 ml bottle not only preserves the freshness of your beverages, but also contributes to the reduction of single-use plastics. Whether it’s dairy products or other sensitive drinks, variant III is the epitome of eco-friendly packaging.

Custom solutions tailored to wholesale needs

Beyond our standard packaging offerings, we take pride in creating designs with features tailored to specific needs and wishes. Recognising the unique requirements of the wholesale market, we offer customisation options that go beyond standard designs. By working closely with our clients, we’ve successfully created wholesale solutions that embody sustainability, durability and brand uniqueness. Here are a few examples of our market-ready reusable PET solutions.

Reusable PET bottle for an austrian mineral water brand named Vöslauer

Austrian mineral water brand Vöslauer

ALPLA and Vöslauer collaborated on a sustainable, lightweight reusable PET bottle for mineral water, launching in early 2022. The bottle is nearly 90% lighter than its glass alternatives, with a 30% reduced carbon footprint. Read more: Protect the Climate with Reusable PET Packaging

  • Weight: 55 grams per bottle
  • Volume: 1 litre
  • Material: up to 50% rPET plastic
  • Variant: PCO 1881 reuse
  • Number of returns, minimum: 15 reuse cycles / 3–4 year
  • Market: Austria
Reusable PET bottle for GBD that has won an award

Award-winning pearl bottle for Genossenschaft Deutscher Brunnen (GDB)

ALPLA produced the reusable PET ‘pearl bottle’ for GDB in Germany, part of a pool system of over one billion bottles and 100 million crates that has won innovation and design awards. Read more: Reusable PET bottles for mineral water

  • Volume: 1 litre
  • Material: up to 50% rPET plastic
  • Variant: PCO 1810 reuse
  • Number of returns, minimum: 15 reuse cycles
  • Market: Germany
Reusable PET soft drink bottle for Coca-Cola for the market in Costa Rica, Mexico and South Africa

PET soft drink bottles for Coca-Cola

For Coca-Cola, we created a 0.5 L, 2 L and 2.5 L reusable plastic bottles made of PET and rPet caps for the market in Costa Rica, Mexico and South Africa. These bottles are guaranteed to have a minimum lifespan of 25 cycles.

  • Volume: 0.5, 2 and 2.5 litres
  • Material: up to 50% rPET plastic
  • Variant: Neck BPF reuse
  • Number of returns, minimum: 25 reuse cycles / 3–4 year
  • Market: Costa Rica, Mexico and South Africa

Optimise for sustainability reducing carbon footprint

Recognising the importance of reusability, we understand that even in the realm of packaging, every gram counts when considering carbon emissions. Our PET bottles are meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between weight, stability, recycled content, and durability. As a result, they effortlessly outperform glass bottle counterparts in both environmental impact and sustainability. We offer complete packaging systems, including suitable tethered caps and bottles made of rPET. Are you ready to embark on your sustainable journey to reduce plastic waste?

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