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At ALPLA, our Sub-Saharan region supplies the local market with an ever-increasing array of products. Within our two category-focused divisions, Beverage Packaging and Speciality Plastic, we have teams who can assist you with the design and manufacture of a customized solution or point you to the most suitable solution from our range of standard products.

beverage preforms

Beverage Preforms 

ALPLA develops and sells a diverse range of PET beverage preforms for customers across Sub-Saharan Africa.   Our portfolio includes the regions widest range of generic preforms as well as bespoke solutions for key customers. Within the sub-Saharan Africa region, our manufacturing sites operate in South Africa, Mauritius, Zambia and Angola together converting over 50,000 tons of PET annually. To complement our range of preforms, we also have a wide range of beverage closures.

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Beverage Closures

ALPLA offers a wide range of beverage closures to leading brands across the Sub-Saharan Africa region, complementing our wide range of PET preforms, PET bottles & HDPE dairy solutions. The majority of our closures are produced on compression moulding technology with both single piece and two- piece options available using both SACMI and CSI technology. In addition, we also produce beverage closures on injection moulding technology for applications within the dairy and fruit juice industries for both HDPE & PET bottles.  Offering class-leading closures with service and quality to match we are the obvious choice for plastic beverage closures. 

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Benylin Cough Syrup

Speciality Plastics - Pharmaceutical 

As an emerging force in global pharmaceutical packaging, ALPLA is excited to offer a growing range of general trade products both produced locally and sourced from the ALPLA network globally.   In additional ALPLA also produces bespoke solutions for brands in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry across the region. Within the Sub-Saharan Africa region, our growing range of trade products includes lined MEDROPP closures for MCA glass and 28mm ROPP PET syrup bottles, CRC “child-resistant closures” as well as a growing range of PET syrup bottles in both standard ROPP neck finishes and 1881 neck finishes.

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personal care jar

Speciality Plastics - Personal Care Jar Range 

ALPLA supplies a wide range of jars and matching lids for the personal care sector. Our modern production technologies enable unique, innovative packaging that responds to the needs of our customers. We offer both off-the-shelf and customized options. These designs were created through extensive market research and expertise, to deliver innovative plastic packaging solutions.

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Product Highlights

Plastic packaging, bottles, preforms and closures

smirnoff PET bottle

Smirnoff 1818

Glass to PET migration has environmental advantages. The Smirnoff 1818 200ml and 500ml PET bottles kept the same neck finish as the glass predecessor, with the same metal closure. The bottles were designed to be ‘heavy’ to have a glass feel which assisted in the glass to PET transition.

Technology: injection moulding (IM)


The SACMI CSD8, latest generation 1881 single piece technology is on offer to beverage customers who are looking for a 28mm closure for carbonated soft drinks or water applications. The closure design has the necessary global approval from leading brands and is available in a range of colours. The closure can be surface printed and can have up to a 13 digit number lasered on the underside for promotions.

Technology: compression moulding (CM)



Multilayer preform technology is available in 1881 28mm preforms. The shelf life of products can be extended with a multilayer preform that makes use of a barrier layer in the inner layer of the preform.

Technology: injection moulding (IM)