Product Catalogue

Beverage Preforms

As one of the largest converters of PET resin in Southern Africa, ALPLA supplies preforms to the region’s beverage industry and to its clients on the African continent.

We currently produce more than 1.8 billion pre-forms annually, in more than 50 unique preform designs. Our diverse customer base requires that we develop preforms in various neck finishes and weights, and although we have a range of standard colours, our pre-forms can be produced in a variety of colours – from tints to opaque – and can be matched to specific colours for larger orders.

For local customers – in South Africa, Zambia or Mauritius – our pre-forms are supplied in returnable steel cages or plastic bins and for export, are packed in sturdy boxes that allow for stacking at least 3 high in moderate humidity climates. Boxes are securely strapped to 4-way entry pallets and packed 2 high into standard shipping containers with 20 boxes to a standard 6m (20ft) container and 42 boxes to a standard 12m (40ft) container.

More than producing and supplying pre-forms, however, we also provide technical support where we advise on pre-form design and choice of pre-form and offer on-site assistance in terms of blowing pre-forms on our clients’ own blowing equipment.