Product Catalogue

Beverage Closures

With the acquisition of Boxmore Packaging, ALPLA adds an extensive portfolio of beverage preforms and complimentary closures in Sub-Saharan Africa to already impressive global beverage portfolio supplying bottles, preforms and closures to leading brands in water, soft drinks and dairy across the globe.

The result is that we are now able to supply the South African and Southern African region with over 2 billion closures annually. 

In addition to ALPLA’s internal capability for closure design and development, we also partner with SACMI and in Sub-Saharan Africa hold a regional licence to manufacture and supply CSI-designed closures. Although today the majority of our closures are produced on SACMI compression moulding technology, we compliment this with both injection-moulded and 2-piece CSI compression moulding technology.

With an installed capacity of approximately 2.4 billion preforms per annum and a wide range of closures that can be colour-coded, embossed or printed to suit a variety of needs, we’re more than capable of meeting any plastic closure requirement.