The Clear One

The Clear One Pouch

Resealable packaging solution

Designing for recycling when developing or improving packaging solutions is a critical factor of success on the journey to a circular economy. Although the requirements are demanding, design for recycling does not have to be like fitting a round peg in a square hole – and ALPLA has shown this with its innovation, The Clear One:

PET Pouch, an ultra-lightweight, resealable packaging solely made of easy-to-recycle PET or rPET.

Two Variants of The Clear One Pouch

The benefits of The Clear One at a glance:

  • resealable, ideal for refill containers
  • various filling volumes can be realised
  • easy residue removal, fold-up
  • handy stand-up base

What makes this bottle so special?

Low weight

9.8 grams, including cap

PET monomaterial

100 per cent recyclable

Established recycling flow, reduces CO2 emissions

Use of recycled material (rPET) possible

Using this new packaging solution, we want to offer a highly recyclable, attractive alternative to pouches.

Martin Diem, ISBM Expert