Eco-friendly Elegance – The Plastic Wine Bottle Revolution

A green preform, a clear PET wine Bottle and a Filled PET wine bottle wit white lid manufactured by ALPLA are standing in front of a white background.

A sustainable twist on tradition

Introducing our innovative plastic wine bottle – In a world where glass has long been synonymous with wine sophistication, we’re breaking the mould. As the wine industry strives for sustainability without compromising quality, PET bottles offer a promising solution. Say hello to our plastic wine bottle made of PET and rPET; it is a modern marvel that challenges convention and embraces a future of accessible, eco-friendly wine enjoyment for a sustainable wine industry.

Key advantages of using our recyclable bottle for wine

Why should you use PET for bottling wine? With environmental concerns at the forefront, wineries are seeking eco-friendly alternatives to traditional glass bottles. The PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are made of recyclable plastic. They offer features such as the ability to achieve 100% rPET or to simplify transport requirements. This sustainable wine packaging not only reduces carbon emissions but also minimises waste, supporting a circular economy. The benefits that make our wine bottles the go-to choice for bottlers worldwide:

Lower carbon footprint

A PET wine bottle with 30% rPET has a carbon footprint that is 43% lower than a glass bottle

More cost-effective

Plastic wine bottles offer a cost reduction of up to 30% compared to glass wine bottles


Our 0.75 L plastic wine bottles weigh only 50 grams, whereas glass bottles weigh in at over 400 grams


Plastic wine bottles are safe during transport and use
Graphic which shows the life cycle assessment of PET and glass bottle

Life cycle assessment

Choosing our 30% rPET wine bottle isn’t just a choice for quality, it’s a choice for the environment. Compared to a standard glass bottle, our plastic wine bottle has a 42% lower carbon footprint. By choosing our bottle, you’re fully recyclable, supporting a circular economy and reducing waste.

A preform of the PET wine bottle manufactured by ALPLA

Flavour and shelf life

Blind tastings show no differences in flavour compared to wine from glass bottles. Whether it's a bold red, a crisp white or a delicate rosé, PET doesn’t compromise the flavour. These lightweight, unbreakable wine bottles have a shelf life of around six months, making them ideal for short-term storage.

The top of the PET wine bottle manufactured by ALPLA

Cost-efficiency with PET wine bottles

Switching from glass to PET wine bottles offers significant cost savings of up to 30% compared to glass bottles – without compromising on quality. Our PET bottles are compatible with conventional metal screw caps and closures; they are also suitable for all types of wine.

PET wine bottle manufactured by ALPLA that is filled with wine

Seamless integration with existing bottling lines

Our PET wine bottles offer both environmental benefits and practicality. Available in 750 ml or 1,000 ml sizes, transparent or green, they seamlessly integrate with existing bottling lines and closures. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition to sustainable packaging without major adjustments. ALPLA provides flexibility in production, tailored to wineries’ individual wine packaging needs.

Partnering with customer Wegenstein Winery

Wegenstein Winery has taken a significant step towards sustainability by entering the market with ALPLA’s PET wine bottle. This innovative packaging solution, made of recyclable PET, offers substantial cost savings and reduces carbon emissions by up to 50%. ‘The PET bottle lives up to what it promises. It is visually appealing, ensures our quality and is practical,’ explains Herbert Toifl, managing director of Wegenstein Winery. Partnering with ALPLA, Wegenstein Winery is pioneering a new era of environmentally conscious wine packaging and setting an example for others to follow.

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